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What is perfume?

Perfume is a mixture of fragrant essential oils or aroma compounds, fixatives and solvents. It is usually in liquid form and used to give a pleasant scent to a person’s body. Ancient texts and archaeological excavations show the use of perfumes in some of the earliest human civilizations. Modern perfumery began in the late 19th century with the commercial synthesis of aroma compounds such as vanillin or coumarin, which allowed for the composition of perfumes with smells previously unattainable solely from natural aromatics alone.

How to choose a perfume?

Choosing the right perfume can be a difficult task with so many different varieties and scents. Decide on a price point. Perfume is a luxury item and its cost can vary hugely between products. Choose scent concentration. Perfumes generally are separated into four scent categories Floral/Sweet perfumes, Citrus/Fruity perfumes, Oriental/Spicy perfumes, Woody/Chypre perfumes. Consider which scents you or the perfume recipient enjoy. If you are not sure of your choice, ask others what kind of perfume they use.

How to choose a scent concentration?

Perfumes have different names depending on their lasting power. You can usually see the type or concentration of the perfume under its name on the front of the bottle.
– Eau de cologne has the lowest fragrance concentration, lasting about two hours. It is 3-5% oil in a mixture of water and alcohol.
– Eau de toilette is a slightly more concentrated type of perfume and will last three to four hours. It is a about 4-8% oil.
– Eau de parfum has a higher oil concentration than eau de cologne and lasts around six hours. It is 15-18% oil mixed with alcohol.
– The perfume with the highest concentration is simply called perfume or parfum. It has great staying power and will last all day. It is 15-30% oil mixed with alcohol.


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